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    Tattoos are used to mean anything a person you love. Many people today still sport tattoos to show their interest in the concept. Proud supporters of a specific sport get tattoos that stand out for their beliefs and values. Much like the people who love animals get tattoos of tigers, sports fans have their own version of the tattoo to get. If you feel the need to express in this way, there are many design options you can consider. To give you a general idea of ​​what you can get a tattoo, take a look at the following three categories:

    Since there are many sports in the world, you can consider getting tattoos sport that is based on the sport you love. For example, if you are an avid football fan, you can choose to use the image of the ball for your tattoo. Images showing a soccer match can also be used as a design for the tattoo. Absolutely everything that has to do with the sport I love, either fencing or swimming, the objects that can be used to symbolize his enthusiasm about sports. You can get a tattoo of a jaguar which means their passion for car racing, or you can get a tennis racket to show their enthusiasm for the sport. There are really no limits when it comes to these kinds of tattoos.

    The team
    Teams in some sports have specific colors and images that represent them in competitions or leagues. For example, teams of NBA have different logos and labels that identify the rest. If you are in favor of a specific computer and want to promote, you can get sports-related tattoo for the team. In international competitions, the emblem of the team usually has some semblance with the flag of the countries where the source computers. You can use this concept to arrive at a design that represents a comprehensive manner both at home and the team you are supporting.

    The Virtues
    Sports vary in virtue to defend. Although the team spirit and teamwork is common among players in games, sports to further promote these values. In the pool, for example, precision and technique are important for success in the game. This can also be true in bowling, but in badminton, you should also have agility and speed. Since the way in which these sports are played vary from each other, people who like these also vary in the virtues that remain above the others. If you know which of these values ​​can be equally related to the sport he loves, can be used in a tattoo that is not limited to raw images in the designs. The use of text or words in tattoos is a good option because it gives direct meaning to the designs.

    Our world is high in the sky and consists of five floating cities. Each village has its own unique theme, games, shops and areas. In each city is also a different set of computer-generated characters that are offered meet the challenges which may involve travel to other cities.

    Our world five floating cities called the promenade, pier, Electric Avenue, Wonderland and Soho. Every city has a similar looking design comprising a row of shops, bars and places related to the subject cities, along the sidewalk in front of shops where players can interact with each other. Five people may not sound like much, especially for use to players to play in some of the biggest games online multiplayer, but it is more than enough in each city to keep the most hardcore of gamers for months if not years. There are also new areas constantly added by our global team.

    The first area was to start our world is Electric Avenue. Electric Avenue definitely has a rock and roll feel to it, with its rock and roll diner (restaurant Flo), rack and roll a game of pool and a garage where you can jam out in a series of musical instruments. It also has two stores one in which your character can get a tattoo and a few clothes and a furniture store called Blue Cow. What I like to do is play Electric Avenue in the galleys.

    Flo Restaurant is participating in a minigame where you take a job as a waiter / waitress. Your job is to serve as food for many players "in a time frame of fifteen minutes. Other players can select a number of available menu items, and items that appear in a server rack. Then click a element of service and select any player who has ordered the article. Serving the people enough and you'll earn a good amount of flow.

    In the garage you can dance like a gang member. It gives you a variety of musical instruments to choose from. Once you select a tool that can choose from a number of tracks to play. Try all the instruments and you'll earn a decent amount of flow. Other players of our world can play with you, so if you are lucky enough to find an empty garage you and your friends can form a band and play together. There is even a dance floor area so if you have many friends who can always show off their dance steps while waiting to play!

    Back to my favorite - to the galleys, a simple game of pool in which are scheduled in the time it takes to pot all the balls. You can choose from eight or nine ball. Once you have selected a game you control a pool cue, along with its power and direction. I personally spent much time in this game is very easy to master and win in the flow!

    The tattoo shop (Skin Deep) has a great selection of tattoos to choose from. Tattoos are for the front and back of your character's head and limbs left and right of your character. The tattoo designs are pretty typical, I would see the ability to upload your own design at some point! Unfortunately all the tattoos need to buy green gems for free players will have to resort to their pockets and buy some or subscribe to the game.

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